Return to School

For most students, it has been around 60 days of Home Learning. This is a significant change in the routine they are used to, and it is very normal for students and parents to have mixed thoughts on the conclusion of Home Learning and return to school.

At St Kieran’s we are committed to helping ease our students back to school in a sensitive, smooth way so everyone can return to the very best approach to learning.


Our return to school:

What uniform should I wear? 

We will return in summer uniform. There will be a focus on opening windows and doors to help ventilation, so please ensure your child has a jacket on cooler days.

What days are the canteen?

The canteen will be open for online orders only, orders can be made through the QRK app.

What events are up next? 

At this stage, planned events such as the swimming carnival and the school musical have been cancelled. We will update you when and if anything is added to the calendar.

How do I drop-offs and pick up my child?

  • Dismissal in the afternoon will be staggered in colour house groups i.e Blue and Green houses from 2.45-2.55pm and Red and Yellow houses from 2.55-3.10pm
  • Preferred drop-off and collection are via the King Street carpark. Please stay in your car.
  • Children may be collected from the Gordon St gate however parents must socially distance and wear a mask

What about vaccinations?

All St Kieran’s staff are fully vaccinated and only essential workers/visitors who are fully vaccinated will be allowed on site

What is the policy on masks?

  • All students are strongly encouraged to wear a mask during the day while inside classrooms (students will supply their own with some spares available at school)
  • We recognise that some students may have difficulty in wearing a mask; contact the school if you wish to discuss further
  • Masks are compulsory for all staff with some exceptions while teaching the class
  • Parents must wear masks when in or near the school grounds

Keeping our students safe in class:

  • Students will not be mixing in different year groups during class time
  • No assemblies or gatherings will take place
  • Cohorts will be allocated different play spaces during morning tea and lunch

Social Distancing

  • Students will be reminded of the social distance rule and enforced (where possible)

Personal Hygiene Practices

  • Hand sanitiser will be placed in all classrooms (students may also bring their own) with sanitising on entering the classroom
  • Students will be reminded to sanitise or handwash before eating


  • Windows and doors will be kept open during class hours to ensure a flow of fresh air through the rooms
  • A CO2 monitor will be used to check classrooms regularly for fresh airflow
  • All air conditioners have been serviced in the last holidays

Site cleaning during and after school:

  • A school hygienist will continue to work on-site during school hours until the end of the year
  • The school cleaner will continue cleaning the school at the end of each day

Restricted Visitors on site:

  • No parents and non-essential visitors are allowed on-site during school hours (except under special circumstances that have been pre-arranged)
  • QR codes must be used by every contractor or parent who is required to come onto the premises
  • Only essential workers or contractors that are double vaccinated will be allowed on site

As you prepare your child/ren to return to school, this video by Dr Coatsworth may provide you with some support. It outlines the relative risks of transmission of coronavirus in the school setting. We have also included below some ideas that may help with the transition.