P & F Association

St Kieran’s Parents and Friends Association

Our Mission: To serve in shaping and strengthening the experience for the St Kieran’s school community and support our students to thrive in learning and faith.

We are an intimate school with a present, heartfelt community. Families feel a strong sense of belonging at St Kieran’s and our Parents and Friends Association (P&F) plays a vital role in nurturing that togetherness.

St Kieran’s P&F is all about supporting the school financially and providing social activities to strengthen the bonds between the school, its families, parish and the wider community. Regular social events on our school calendar include the mums’ day out, dads’ day out, curry night, fetes, welcome events and more. We have a communal freezer in which we store meals for school families in crisis, so that we can provide practical help to others in our community.

P&F fundraising enhances our children’s learning environment and resources. Recent P&F fundraising has enabled the purchase of:

  • A new playground for younger students
  • Two new barbecues for P&F events
  • IT equipment for students
  • An electronic signboard

Join the P&F

Parents and guardians of children enrolled at St Kieran’s are automatically members of the P&F and are and encouraged to attend general P&F meetings held twice a year. Check the school newsletter for meeting dates.

Parents are welcome to raise issues, offer ideas, ask questions or contribute to discussions at these meetings. We would love to hear your ideas and new perspectives so we can continue to improve the P&F and better support our school.

To contact St Kieran’s P&F email us at st.kierans.pf@gmail.com