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Parent Handbook

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Qkr App downloading and instructions Qkr Forgot Password or Email Address Car Park Guidelines Request for child to carry mobile phone

Medical and Student Medication

Request to Administer Medication at school Information regarding Medication at school Administration of Medication Guidelines and Proceedures Asthma Action Plan Anaphylaxis Action Plan - for use with Epipen Allergic Reactions Action Plan Medication Policy

Student Absence

Student Absence from School 10 or more days Compass information for parents - how to report absences

School Fees

School Fees 2019 School Fees - Your Tax Invoice Explained Sibling Discount and Payment Arrangement form

Parenting Ideas – From Michael Grose

Creating healthy digital habits in kids Mum's the work How to stop your child swearing Kids need good men in their lives Staying relevant in a Digital World Building self-esteem away from the screens Raising Mighty Boys The Marvel of Motherhood Fathering Daughters Parenting the "tween" years Parenting kids through the challenges of change Developing independance when if feels positively risky Which School? - Choosing the right fit for your child Hopeful Kids are Happy Kids How do you show up for your kids