School Advisory Team

The School Advisory Team of St Kieran’s will build, strengthen and nourish the School as part of our Parish of North Harbour.

Mission: To serve in shaping and strengthening the experience for the St Kieran’s school community and support our students to thrive in learning and faith.

By sharing our wisdom we look to develop and support policies and practices in harmony with the Catholic nature of the school and parish. We will commit to personal renewal and help lead and articulate the gospel values and encourage our Christian principles and social justice for both now and the future.

Our School Advisory Team will have broad membership from the staff, parent and parish community and recognise its role as an important part of our School life here at St Kieran’s. We will personally contribute and commit to the work of the School Advisory Council, endorse its decisions and support our school principal.

Our School Advisory Team will monitor, safeguard and help maintain the school’s Catholic identity. We pray that we are able to contribute to the important role of nurturing hearts and minds within our community. Our community is and will always be our students, staff, families, parish members and friends.