Science and Technology

The Key Learning Area Science and Technology plays a crucial role in the rapidly changing world we are living in. The student’s sense of wonder and curiosity about the natural and made world is fostered through actively engaging in the processes of Working Scientifically and Working Technologically.

The study of Science and Technology enables students to be skilled in scientific thought and inquiry.  An understanding of science ideas and concepts enables students to make informed decisions about the uses of science and technology in their lives as well and the impact innovative solutions can make at a local, national and global level. Scientific knowledge provides explanations for a variety of phenomena and enables sense to be made of the Natural Environment and the Made Environment. Technology allows students to develop an understanding of design processes that enable people to manage, interpret, alter and shape their environment to improve the quality of life for themselves and the broader world.  At St Kieran’s a comprehensive program is provided from Kindergarten to Year 6.