Faith & Mission

Catholic Schools have a religious purpose to educate and form students as followers, or missionary disciples of Jesus. 

Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Broken Bay exist to educate and form young people in Catholic discipleship, offering them experiences of following Jesus as members of the Catholic Community. The students are supported and encouraged to live out their faith through their involvement and preparation of Liturgies and Eucharistic celebrations. Through prayer, we develop a relationship with Jesus; this is a vital part of the faith development of our students and there are many opportunities for students to engage in prayerful experiences throughout the year.

Students in Year 6 have the opportunity to attend and participate in the annual Year 6 Cluster Mass presided by the Bishop of Broken Bay and members of the Year 6 Mission team attend the annual Mission Day which allows students to engage with other Peninsula Systemic Primary and Secondary Schools and create Mission initiative for their school. These students are then invited to attend the annual Broken Bay Mission Mass held at the Cathedral at Waitara.

At St Kieran’s, our strong relationship with the North Harbour Parish supports us in creating a community that, hand in hand with the parents, fosters our students’ faith development. Families have the opportunity to be active participants in Family Grade Masses once a year and contribute to the hospitality after Mass. Students in Years 3- 6 also have the opportunity to regularly attend the Thursday 8:30am Parish Mass.

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